Mail Slots

Mail Slots
Great quality Mail Slots / Letter Boxes and other door hardware from trusted manufacturers!

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A mail slot (sometimes called a letter box) is a mail receptacle designed as an alternative to a mailbox. A mail slot is a hole cut is a door, wall, or garage. The hole is usually covered with a decorative mail slot with face plate containing a swinging door to allow mail to pass through and to act as a seal when not in use. A mail slot may feature weather-stripping to prevent air from leaking. The mail slot door may be spring loaded or may rely on gravity to keep it closed when not in use. Many mail slots also have a second flap on the inside to offer further protection from the elements. There may also be a small basket or wire cage mounted on the inside of the door to catch the delivered mail.
Mail slots are occasionally hung vertically, but are typically horizontal.

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